YOGITECH attending the Hitex’s ARM User Conference in London

Pisa, 17/11/2014. The Hitex’s ARM User Conference titled “Bank on the next generation of ARM Microcontrollers and Applications” will be hold in London from 18 to 20 November 2014. YOGITECH will take part in it on the third day joining the overview of the latest innovations available with ARM-based microcontrollers and development tools and presenting its talk titled “YOGITECH Safety IPs: Adding Functional Safety to ARM-based Systems”.

fRSTL_stm32F4 released!

Pisa, 3/10/2014. fRSTL_stm32F4 has been released and is now available for the interested stm32F4 users.

fRSTL_stm32F4 adds to the already released fRSTL_stm32F1, fRSTL_stm32L1 and STL_stm32F0 libraries, and empowers stm32 F4 customers with safety-related projects to reach their target safety integrity level in an optimized and cost effective manner.

YOGITECH stepping in the ISSE’ 14 in Florence

The 1st International workshop on the Integration of Safety and Security Engineering (ISSE’14) will take place in Florence on September, 8th.  

In the workshop’s suitable context researchers, practitioners and experts will promote and encourage discussions about how to apply both safety and security techniques, methods and tools in the industrial market as well as to provide knowledge on the issues and opportunities to combine or integrate safety and security engineering.

fRSTL_stm32F1 and fRSTL_stm32L1 released!

Pisa, 5/08/2014. fRSTL_stm32F1 and fRSTL_stm32L1 diagnostic software libraries have been released and are now available for the interested stm32F1 and stm32L1 users.

fRSTL_armCM4 released!

Pisa, 24/07/2014. fRSTL_armCM4 diagnostic software library has been released and it is now available as an off-the-shelf component for safety-related applications.

YOGITECH stepping - in the VDA Automotive SYS in Berlin

Pisa, 4/7/2014. The latest news from the Automotive world will be discussed during the Fourth VDA Automotive SYS Conference from 9 to 11 July in Berlin with a deep focus on quality and functional Safety management as well as engineering of modern automobile electronics according to the international standards of ISO 26262 and Automotive Spice.

YOGITECH takes part in IOLTS

Pisa, 4/7/2014. The 20th edition of the “International On – Line Testing Symposium” will take place in Catalunya from 7 to 9 July at the presence of all the most important players in the electronic systems’ segment.

The forum will stress issues about reliability needs in several application domains as well as the demand for low cost products.

YOGITECH stepping - in the Image Sensors Automotive Conference in Brussels

Pisa, 10/06/2014. The Image Sensor Automotive conference in Brussels will involve, on June 17 – 18, the world’s top experts from OEMs, Tier1, sensors and processor companies.

The conference will address the discussions on ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and its current and future challenges in terms of  both perspective and system architecture point of view, as well as opinions from testing and certification bodies.

fRSTL_stm32F0 released!

Pisa, 13/05/2014. Yogitech is proud to announce that fRSTL_stm32F0 diagnostic software library has been released and it is ready for customer purchase as an off-the-shelf component for safety-related system design.

As part of the collaboration with STMicroelectronics, STM32 F0 microcontroller has been analyzed using Yogitech unique white-box approach: its groundbreaking fRMethodology

YOGITECH attending the Embedded World Fair in Nuremberg

Pisa, 14/02/2014. The Embedded World Fair in Nuremberg (G),  open from 25 to 27 February, hosts every year about 20.000 visitors and 900 exhibitors. In this suitable context YOGITECH will attend by leveraging its partnership with STMicroelectronics and its collaboration with Cadence.